Forget plastics and fossil fuels, hemp is a sustainable alternative that can save our planet.  

Welcome to Oz Hemp Co


      OzHempCo Originally was to be HeMp homes originally Being 

Housing for Environmentally Minded People

since finishing school in 1999 I had become an apprentice Blocklaying builder and was wanting to follow my passion to build  using hemp

This would’ve involved flying to France and visiting a lady who had been doing so for years

I am truly looking forward to being part of this up-and-coming industry just have to work out where I in this do sit


Hemp is one of the most amazing, versatile and sustainable plants on earth. It comes from a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant, which contains psychoactive compounds such as THC that is more widely known for its ability to get people "high". 

However, hemp comes from a different strain of the cannabis plant, with a unique chemical composition, that cannot result in a person becoming "high".  Only THC contains psychoactive substances, meaning Hemp and CBD oil for example, cannot possibly get you “high”. 

Interestingly, some Hemp species are specifically grown especially for commercial use. 

Commercial uses of Hemp

Hemp can be used in a wide variety of commercial products, including paper, textiles, plastics, clothing, insulation, paint, biofuel and food. Hemp’s fibre and pulp can be used in building materials.  Hemp seed oil can be used in industrial products and cosmetics.

Food from Hemp 

As a food, hemp is one of the most nutrient dense food sources in the world. A 100-gram portion of hulled hemp seeds contains 31% of your daily protein needs. Hemp seeds amino acid profile is similar to that of other sources of protein such as meat, milk, eggs and soy.

They are also a rich source of dietary fibre, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and minerals manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron. 

Over my life I have developed a great interest in how industrial hemp could help to restore the vitality of life on Earth. It offers a sustainable, biodegradable and planet-friendly alternative to harmful substances like plastics and synthetic fibres. 

I believe this incredible plant will help people – and the planet – to obtain an optimal level of health and wellbeing.


Hello, I'm Dave and I'm the proud owner of Oz Hemp Co. I personally use hemp products for their amazing therapeutic and life changing benefits after I had an accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury. 



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