About Dave


G'day! My names Dave and I’ve had a long-term interest in hemp

growing in my heart. 

After finishing school, I wanted to build myself a lovely home using hemp right from the mother earth. I was planning to combine my interest in hemp with a career in building homes made out of hemp. My initial plan was to be a builder working for HeMpHomes (H.E.M.P) being ~ Housing for Environmentally Minded People. 

My Mother registered my business name the following week and placed it by my bed in the hospital where I had been involved in a motorbike accident on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. 

The accident caused severe traumatic brain injury. My mother Patricia and Father Rob were told that my chances of survival and recovery were slim. If I did pull through, they were told, a nursing home may be the best place for me. 

Thankfully, my mother was able to adapt her home to accommodate my needs – including wheelchair access, a suitable bathroom and rehabilitation equipment. She also put together an individual recovery program, drawing on the expertise of specialists including a physiotherapist, speech therapist and occupational therapist.

More than ten years on, I can now walk without assistance, communicate, and take care of my own hygiene needs. Four years into rehab, I began riding a specially designed tricycle – all steps towards my independent future.

While my plan to build hemp homes hasn’t come about (yet), my interest in hemp products has not diminished. I have done a lot of research and used a lot of different hemp products and believe more than ever that growing hemp for commercial use is key for people and our planet. 

I regularly attend hemp industry events and use various hemp products on a daily basis such as food, body products and clothing and I am keen to partner with reputable brands to sell their hemp-based products.